How to Download & Install SpyAdvice Phone Spy Free

Have you heard about this spy app tool? Yes, this spy tool is the best software that is launched with the aim of acquiring all the essential details from the intended phone. Spying is done in a hidden way, without the proper knowledge of the aimed individual of being repetitively tracked.

About SpyAdvice

About SpyAdvice
About SpyAdvice

SpyAdvice is the best solution that is claiming to fulfilling all the needs of spying and copying the cell phone action details of the target person in a secretive manner.


Steps to Download & Install Phone Spy Free

Steps to Download & Install Phone Spy Free
Steps to Download & Install Phone Spy Free

If you want to use the SpyAdvice app to keep an eye full on the target person for any reason, then you need to follow a few steps that will help you to spy on the cell phone in real-time.

So let us look at the steps to follow:

Step 1: Download

First, you should visit app.thetruthspy.com to download the SpyAdvice.APK file.


Step 2: Setup

Second, open the SpyAdvice.APK file and install it on the target phone. Follow some steps and register with your information. Hide the SpyAdvice.

Step 3: Monitor

Finally, visit SpyAdvice Control Panel and log in with your account. You will all data tracking from target device.

Some major features of the app

User-friendly app- Here by user-friendly we mean that this app is having easy to use cell phone hacking features that will provide you the details of all activities done. To know about those, you simply have to hit on the feature and you will get the details. There you not need to run any coding or programming language to make the app work for you. You can use it from any browser and using any device.

No jailbreak/rooting- When coming to using the app, you need not have to undergo the process of device rooting or jailbreaking. These processes are quite dangerous and may cause greater harm to the target phone and yours as well. Instead, you simply have to install the app into the target phone and begin with cell phone hacking.

Companionable solution- The app is a mobile-friendly tool that not only allows you to hack android but you can hack iOS as well. Therefore this app will work for you on all OS.

Spying facilities that you will get

  • Call history hacking- The calling activity will be fully spying whether it’s an incoming call, outgoing call, missed call, deleted call logs, etc. The call date-time-location, people involved, etc will be seen. Even the live call recording is also possible with it.
  • Text reading- The text messages can be easily read by the hacker whether on IM apps or built-in SMS apps with full details.
  • Media files viewing- The files like videos and photos are easily viewable to see the intention of the target.

The End

No doubt using SpyAdvice will definitely help you in protecting the children and relationships from all sorts of dangers and can give better safeguarding to them.